Handlebars, then I let go, let go

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candydreamscometrue said: I’ve not read them for ages. I didn’t really like the last two :/ have you read the I heart series? I love those books

I don’t think I’ve actually read them in order before now, the first one I read was Shopaholic and Baby. And I’ve heard of that series but never read any of them. 

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candydreamscometrue said: Hahah good plan. Was it good?

Not read it yet. I’m re-reading the series from the start and I’m on the first book atm. Only 5 more to go…

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candydreamscometrue said: I am SO jealous! Do you get to read the new one?

Yeah I borrowed it last Saturday :) I’m hoping they forget I have it so I get to keep it, lol.